13 Oct

You have made the best decision if you have chosen to own a poodle puppy. These puppies are one of the most intelligent dogs, and having them as a pet will enable you to own a pet you can teach tricks. However, if you want to own a poodle puppy, then there are certain things you need to know before heading out to look for a breeder. It would be best if you never settled for any pup, and you need to look at some of your preferences and needs first. This article will look at some of the tips you need to consider when choosing a poodle puppy. Also, do look up more information on poodle puppies British Columbia Canada options. 

It would be best if you decided on what size of poodle you would have. Depending on the place you live in, you need to choose a poodle puppy that can adapt to these environments. For those living in apartments or small spaces, a toy poodle will adapt well to such conditions. However, if you have children, you can opt to go for miniature poodles as these puppies adapt well when around children. The last size of poodle puppies includes the standard poodles which need room to roam, and they are also good with children.

The second aspect that you need to consider when choosing a poodle puppy is looking for a reputable breeder. The reputable poodle breeders provide you with a health statement that guarantees the health of your puppy. These breeders have other policies such as a return policy, worming schedule, and they can also provide you with feeding instructions. You are assured of getting the best services when you list some of the reputable breeders looking at some of the services they offer. You can then choose a breeder based on the reputation and type of services you are looking for.

You need to watch and observe how the puppies interact with each other. If you choose a poodle puppy, it is essential to know some traits that the puppy has. It would be best if you looked at some of the ways that the puppy socializes with the other puppies. A poodle pup that interacts with all the pups and is energetic are some of the traits you should look at. Be keen and observe the qualities that the poodle has as it will affect the ease you will have when teaching the pup new tricks. You should also ensure that the poodle puppy is friendly and has no record of being violent when around visitors. Do make sure to check out poodle puppies British Columbia Canada options. 

The last aspect that you need to consider when choosing a poodle puppy is to look at the puppy's appearance. You need to ensure that the poodle puppy is healthy, and they have an attractive appearance.  The health poodle puppies will have clear eyes, a clear coat, and bright eyes. You can also take time and check the presence of mites when you are choosing the puppy poodle. Choose a poodle puppy that has a color and coat that is shiny and easy to groom.

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